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Are you completely new to meditation? Or, Are you a regular meditator and want to develop a new skill that can take you even deeper into your practice? Or, are you somewhere in between. Maybe you have tried meditation and couldn't stick with it? 

No matter where you are on your meditation journey this program can add immense value to your well being and how you carry yourself through this life. 

I promise there is no emptying of the mind required to receive the maximum benefits of this practice. Its much much easier than that!


My Intention

My intention with this program is to inspire you towards creating a regular practice of Effortless Meditation for yourself. So you can experience and enjoy the many benefits this practice can provide within your day to day life. 

I believe we all have the ability to CHOOSE the life we want to live and I firmly believe that a regular practice of Effortless Meditation can lay the foundation for you to start to embody your true authentic self. Guiding you to make choices that are in alignment with your intrinsic values and motivations. 

What is on Offer?

An opportunity to learn a technique and skill that can add immense value to your life and well being. You will be guided by an experienced teacher, allowing you to dive deeply into relaxed states of meditation during our sessions together and also on your own. 

How is this Program Delivered?

This program consists of five weekly in person sessions (spanning over five Sundays). 

These sessions will be live via zoom so you can attend virtually. These sessions will also be recorded so you can access them at any time. Making this program accessible to anyone at anytime, anywhere in the world.

Whats Included?

This program consists of five in person/online and recorded sessions.

During our sessions together we will immerse in a 40 minute guided effortless meditation. With time dedicated to debriefing our experiences, asking questions and discussion.

Over the five sessions we will cover:

1. How to Meditate Effortlessly

2. What Effortless Meditation (EM) Actually Means

3. We will put EM into context with other Meditation Styles

4. The Effects Experienced During EM

5. The Results Achievable Through Practicing EM

6. The Science of Stress & Meditation

All whilst Mastering the technique of Effortless Meditation, setting you up for a skill you can use for life. 

Additional Resources You Will Receive

To assist you in developing and maintaining your practice for the long term. You will also receive:

Five Pre-Recorded Guided Effortless Meditation Sequences

1. Chakra Balancing

2. Connection to Higher Self

3. Manifesting Health, Wealth and Love into your Life

4. Heart Connection

5. Gratitude


As a BONUS to help you enrich your toolkit of wellbeing practices and manage the challenges you will face in your life. You will also receive:

The Emotional Processing Technique

This will be a pre-recorded practice that you can be used to quickly process and overcome unpleasant emotions before, during or after a stressful event. 

Detailed explanation of this practice and how it works will be provided during our sessions together. 


Your investment in receiving this invaluable knowledge and techniques accessible for life.


Payment Plans are available, being $35 per week over five weeks.


Our sessions will be held in our luxury 38sqm bell tent (its huge), located on a three acre parcel of land in Tallong, NSW. This location is quiet, peaceful and abundant in natural bush and wildlife. Making the perfect backdrop for a peaceful and calm experience.

For those attending live via zoom or watching at a later date this calm and peaceful atmosphere will help to make your experience just as relaxing.

Meet Your Teacher

Bonnie, NSW

Krystal has a warm, welcoming energy that holds you from the moment you arrive. Her events are created with the upmost thoughtfulness to form sacred space where women can come together in safety and non-judgement. I always leave her space feeling rejuvenated, supported and inspired.

Naomi, NSW

I had never been to a women's gathering before but i felt it was something I wanted to do and I am so glad I did. Being part of a gathering of women gave me the power to believe that i can heal myself, that I am loved and I am safe. The unconditional support of like-minded women is a powerful thing, and I am so grateful. 

Brianna, NSW

I attended my first women's gathering and it was just magical. Before attending I was anxious, nervous and stressed but I walked out feeling empowered, calm and safe knowing that I had been heard and I am not alone in my feelings. Its a beautiful thing gathering with women.
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