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Our retreats offer you peace, relaxation, a feeling of contentment and safety among women with a bit of fun and a chance to have a laugh when your not in a deeply relaxed meditative state. We nourish your mind body and soul with ritual, food and connection. A truly unique experience where you get to dive as deep as you want to and truly connect with the divine goddess that you are within. Our Intention is to recharge your heart, bring clarity and enthusiasm into your day to day so that you can be fully present to follow your dreams and goals in alignment with your souls purpose. 



Women's circles are an ancient tradition. Women have been sitting in circle for as long as there have been women. Circles are a place to reclaim our power, our stories, our wisdom, offering respite and genuine connection. Skipping the mundane small talk and weaving threads of friendship and support.  During a women’s circle, you can share without judgement improving self esteem, self love and lowering your stress levels, leading to overall better self-care. Our circles are a space for self-reflection and rest, free of judgement. The circle is opened with a ritual and women are encouraged to connect as a sisterhood, and to share their wisdom and experiences. There are calming rituals, like the burning of cleansing herbs, meditation, intention-setting, oracle cards, journaling, music and sitting with an altar of meaningful objects. The format isn't set in stone to allow the energy to flow and deliver what is needed during each circle.


Women's ceremonies are an opportunity to acknowledge the rite of passage that is birth, pregnancy motherhood, menstruation, marriage, divorce, menopause, the ending of a chapter, the changing of a name or any other significant milestone that you feel you want to honour. It is a ceremony centered around honoring the woman and supporting her as she transitions into her new season of life. The ceremony involves rituals that symbolize the transition. It is also a time to reflect on the journey through life and the journey ahead as well as feeling nourished, empowered and supported by her community of wise women. A women's ceremony celebrates the beauty and strength of the divine feminine. It is an opportunity for the woman to be connect with her own intuition and feel held in sacred space. 

Learn the Skill of Effortless Meditation

Guided effortless meditation is a meditation sequence that is designed for modern minds. Unlike traditional forms of meditation where deep focus and an emptying of your mind is required before you can achieve results. Effortless Meditation is a soft, slow, gentle, easy process to follow, welcoming thoughts, feelings and a busy mind. Allowing you to receive the tremendous benefits of meditation instantly without years of practice. Effortless meditation has its roots in Transcendental meditation and is the perfect meditation style for overstimulated mums, busy professionals, people who have tried meditation before but felt they "failed" or "cant meditate"and really anyone who wants to enjoy the benefits of a regular meditation practice without the hard work and practice that can be involved in other styles. 

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